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Do You Have Working Hands?

By Murdock Jordan, Published December 30, 2013

Have you ever found yourself hiding your dry, red hands in your pockets, or behind your back? Have you ever cringed when your loved ones have reached for your hands in expressing their fondness for you?

Due to our well-developed brains, we've taken to calling ourselves Homo Sapiens. That's Latin for "Wise Man".
Oh, really?

In light of man's follies, this has to strike us as a cruelly ironic joke. We might be better named for another miracle that sets us apart from other species, our amazing hands! Look at the marvels we create with them: superhighways, skyscrapers, submarine tunnels, bridges, spacecraft! Hands perform the most delicate eye surgery, or rip the heads from giant diesel engines. 

Because we call upon them to do so much, they really take a beating. You may be someone who suffers from "working hands", hands that you've abused on the job, hands that are dry, scaling, and so badly cracked, they bleed. If not, you certainly know someone who does.

In just one more irony, the hands we abuse so thoroughly must represent us very publicly. The same hands that do brutish jobs must also express our tenderest feelings for those closest to us.

Help for Hands

Fortunately, there's one product specifically made for working hands, and it's called O'Keeffe's Working Hands! We're aware of no other product  that outperforms this one! Thousands of users have found it to quickly turn around hands so beaten up, they don't even look like feet, they look like shoes! OLD shoes! This is one reason it's often found in places like hardware stores, building yards, and other suppliers that cater to contractors. If you have any difficulty finding it, or just need it right away, we invite you to take advantage of our humble, little website.

What's in O'Keeffe's Working Hands that makes it work so darn well? Well, you'll understand if the good folks who produce it might be just a bit shy about the proprietary ingredients that make it so special. Having tried the product, here's what we can say -- It never feels oily or greasy. Since oil is a moisture repellant, O'Keeffe's apparently does not include it. The Working Hands formulation also has quite a bit of soothing glycerin, which a great moisture enhancer. This is what gives your dry hands the boost they need. And more good news -- because it contains benign ingredients, you could use it several times a day, with only good effects. Finally, because it's concentrated, just a little dab will do ya!


Have a single jar shipped to your home, just to try, or buy it in more economical 2-packs or 3-packs:

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